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Revtech Tuning is a vehicle tuning and diagnostics company, specialising in all stages of engine management software upgrades for your vehicle, whether it is improved economy you are looking for, or vastly improved performance. Whether you have a small family car, a mid-range saloon eating up miles on the motorway every day, a 4x4 work horse, or a heavily loaded van, we can safely and reliably make significant improvements to the power and economy of your vehicle through our ECU remapping service.

Our Services
  • RemappingRemapping

    Tuning’s remapping service will provide a much improved drive, with sharper throttle response, more power and smoother delivery throughout the entire RPM range and in most cases will also improve your fuel economy.

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  • Economy TuningEconomy Tuning

    When we remap a car, as well as performance upgrades, we can also change the engine management software to focus on making fuel saving the priority.

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  • Speed / Rev Limit RemovalSpeed / Rev Limit Removal

    We can edit the engine control unit software to remove any speed and rev limitations that may have been previously imposed in the vehicle. For example, a second hand van which belonged to a large company's fleet.

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  • EGR RemovalEGR Removal

    We can completely disable the operation of the valve, meaning no more reduced engine operation and loss of fuel economy, as well as no more repair/replacement costs!

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  • Diagnostics ChecksDiagnostics Checks

    If your car has come up with a warning light on the dash, is making an unusual noise or just doesn’t quite feel right, why not have a full vehicle diagnostic check.

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  • "I was having issues with my Ford Transit stalling regularly, which I was informed was the EGR valve sticking. I decided to have the EGR valve disabled at Revtech and had the economy ECU tuning done at the same time. Not only have I had no further issues with the running of the van or EGR valve, the engine is completely different. The increase in power is remarkable while also giving me an extra 100 miles plus between refills"

    James Colley Milton Keynes
  • "I was looking to get more power from my 2011 Audi TT when I was put in touch with Revtech through a friend of mine. I booked in my car to have the ECU remapped, and when I collected the car again later that day I noticed the difference straight away. The power and acceleration improvement is like I have had a bigger engine put in it. Would recommend it to everybody!"

    John Morgan Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Remap
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